Recent Updates

Faith Leaders Organize to Close the Coverage Gap

Last month, the Florida Council of Churches and Florida CHAIN gathered faith leaders from the Tampa Bay area for a conversation about health equity and what can be done to minimize the disparities that exist. The luncheon was led by Reverend Russell Meyer and Reverend James T. Golden. They were joined by Rep. Ed Narain and Florida CHAIN CEO, Mark Pafford. A number of faiths and denominations were represented, including the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish traditions.

Florida Health Alliance Hosts Medicaid Managed Care Roundtable

2 years after the statewide rollout of Medicaid Managed Care, it’s time to evaluate where we are and what we can do better.

Gainesville Candidates Talk Health Care, Coverage Gap

Candidates from the Alachua County area share their views on whether the state of Florida should accept Medicaid expansion. Find out where they stand on this very important issue

New Report Highlights Problems Ahead For Hospital Funding

The Florida Legislature's refusal to expand Medicaid has affected funding for safety net hospitals in a number of ways. Hospitals throughout the state face tough decisions in the months and years ahead. A new report by Florida Legal Services highlights these issues for Hillsborough County, although many of these issues are similar in communities around the state. You can click here to download the report.

A Pinched Concept of Compassion

Scott's compassion toward Armstrong as he battles a life-threatening illness is commendable. If only he and his colleagues in Tallahassee could extend the same compassion to hundreds of thousands of our neighbors stuck in the coverage gap, they too would have the opportunity to live healthy, productive lives.

New Year, Same Battle for Those in Health Care Gap

Last year, I had the opportunity to visit Tallahassee to advocate in favor of closing the health care coverage gap that consists of hundreds of thousands of Floridians, including up to 291,000 young adults. But now we may have the opportunity to bridge that gap. President Obama is announcing an initiative in his 2017 budget to allow states like Florida that have not yet closed the health coverage gap to receive additional funding to strengthen their Medicaid programs.

Millennials Pressure Florida Lawmakers To Expand Medicaid

Angered by the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature's refusal to consider expanding Medicaid during its 2016 session, uninsured millennial activists are threatening to exact revenge at the ballot box.

The activists, who belong to the recently-formed Young Invincibles group, visited Tallahassee at the midpoint of the two-month legislative session to advocate for stalled legislation that would compel the state to accept $51 billion in federal funding. The money would cover most of the cost of adding 800,000 low-income uninsured Floridians to the state's Medicaid roll.

Gov't Report: 8 States, Including Florida, Had Significant Drop In Uninsured

A new government report on health insurance has implications for the presidential campaign.

Eight states, including Florida,  saw a significant drop last year in the number of residents going without health insurance, according to a government report out Tuesday that has implications for the presidential campaign.

All but Florida had accepted a Medicaid expansion that is one of two major pathways to coverage under President Barack Obama's health care law. The law's other coverage route is subsidized private insurance, available in all 50 states.